About the Founder and the survey

As the founder of Self Discovery Inc. Ken Lee has always wanted to help young people become happy and successful in life.  As a college graduate in business management, he has spent 30 years working as a professional manager in several industries.  While working, he had a never ending curiosity about what does it really take to have a successful career and happy life.  Coming from a challenging environment those questions were not fully answered as a teen.  So, while working professionally he has accumulated years of professional learning, experiences, and research information. While working professionally he has committed 20 years conducting research and experiments.  

about the survey

Along with the help of other professionals in different professions he worked on:

1. Identifying the work of the top 10% income earners. (Over 90 different professions where people earn $100,000 or more on average)

2. Collecting information on the qualities, skills and soft skills needed to succeed in those professions.

3. Conducting many trials to develop the best way to identify an effective self discovery questionnaire to connect teens with careers that best fit them personally.

The service on this website is the culmination of that research. This website is the best way to make the service available and affordable for any parent who wants to help their teen through the process of self discovery, growth and true success.

The survey has over 152 question for the teen, and a few for the Parent.  It takes about 90 minutes to complete, and so it is encouraged to do the survey in small bits of time if needed to complete the survey.  

The survey will collect information to discover:

1. Life's purpose

2. Stated interest

3. Academic interest and aptitudes

4. Inner passions and motivating interest

5. Assertiveness, patience, and social preferences.  

  • The collected results are then reviewed and matched with an expansive list of high paying professions with an average income of $100,000 or more 10 years into the profession. 
  • 2 to 6 options are then presented to clients so the teens can easily choose.   
  • Since there are not cookie cutter responses, it will take 48 hours to complete the analysis.   

 How to complete the survey

1.  The "Success Survey" has many questions.  It is suggested that you print out the survey to complete.  Take your time to answer the questions.  Break up the time to complete the survey.  Spend 20 to 30 minutes at one sitting.  

2. Parents will have a few questions to answer at the end of the survey. 

3. Email the completed survey and allow 3 business days before you get your career recommendations.