About the Founder and the survey

The founder of Self Discovery Inc. Ken Lee spent 20 years researching the difference between those who have established financial freedom while enjoying their work, and those that don’t. 

He learned that:

  • No matter how hard you work, there are some professions that pay more than others
  • Each of those professions requires specific steps to go through and skills to develop
  • There is no effective cookie cutter way to suggest career paths for young people.  The choice should be an individual choice after careful reflections of self
  • Most people who take casual consideration of what they are going to do in life miss out on having a maximum profession
  • The best way to get "buy in" from young people is to let them choose

With the help of several high level professionals, we conducted 15 years of trials to figure out the most effective, authentic way to match a young persons interest, aptitudes, and abilities with a high paying career they will enjoy. 

Too many people have been misplaced professionally.  This process will make sure you are not misplaced.

about the survey and the service

The service starts with a survey that has over 152 question for the teen, and a few questions for the parent. Some questions are multiple choice some require a written response. 

Each questions is designed to help find the right type of career paths.

  • The collected results are then reviewed and matched with an expansive list of high paying professions with an average income of $100,000 or more 10 years into the profession.  The evaluation process takes 3 to 4 hours.  
  • 2 to 6 options are then presented to clients thus making the right career choice significantly easier. 
  • Since there are not cookie cutter responses, it may take up 3 days to complete the analysis.   

what else do you get with the service?

  • The service includes 4 different phone or zoom calls to discuss the different career options and help the student narrow down their career choice. 
  • Additionally, we discuss information about college options-selection of advisors, and other skills to work on.  

 How to complete the survey

1.  The "Success Survey" has many questions.  It is suggested that you print out the survey to complete.  It will take about 90 minutes to answer the questions.  Break up the time to complete the survey.  Spend 20 to 30 minutes at one sitting.  

2. Parents will have a few questions to answer at the end of the survey. 

3. Email the completed survey and allow 3 business days before you get your career recommendations. 

Results are guaranteed!