About the Founder

As the founder of Self Discovery Inc. Kenny Lee has always cheered for young people to strive to become happy and successful in life.  It is the reason why he became attracted to working for the YMCA.  His affinity to help young people stay encouraged and grow is also why he loved sports.  Children's growth in all aspects of life is uplifting to him.  He has accumulated years of professional learning, experiences, research, and successful test results over the years.

While working professionally he has committed 20 years of his life conducting research and experiments.  Along with the help of other professionals in different professions he worked on:

1. Identifying the work of the top 10% income earners.

2. collecting information on the qualities, skills and soft skills needed to succeed in those professions.

3. Many trials to develop the best way to identify an effective self discovery questionnaire to help teens make career choices in a more productive and rewarding way.

The service on this website is the culmination that research. This website is the best way to make the service available and affordable for any parent who wants to help their teen through the process of self discovery, growth and true success.

He is also the author of this book available on Amazon.  

Click below to see the new book "Raise your child to create destiny" Information and action steps to help our children grow and succeed.  The book will help parents help children's personal development.