Here's what some of our clients said 

“My son is 16 years old and did not know what he wanted out of life and he acted like it. We recently signed up for the career identification process and I must say that I see a difference in his behavior. He is more focused”


My husband and I want the absolute best for our children. We signed our son up because he is struggling in school and we hope that this will help him understand the importance with school.”


“Our daughter does well in school but she had no idea what she wanted to major in college. We wanted her to do more than pick something that sounded good. We know that a career path can determine a persons lifestyle. We are pleased with the directions she has chosen going through this process.”


“What I liked about this process for my son is that we did not tell him what he should do. He made his own choice based on the answers he provided. To any other parent- I recommend that you support the process and don’t try to influence your child. I am encouraged that my son has a new out look on science and all of the promising professions connected to the field.”


“This survey helped me know for certain the career path that I am going to pursue”

— KELLY,  16

“All my life I knew I wanted to serve the underdog in under privileged communities. I now know that I can do that while earning a great living. Thank you”

— JHALIL,   17

“Going through this process helps me understand what steps I should take when I go to college next year. This has brought me more of a clear goal than anything else”

— TRICIA,  17

“What I like is that it was easier for me to choose a career path. I also know that it is okay to change, and if I do change my other options could be just as good financially. “

— CHAN,  16