The material really works!

As Life Strategist, we used our material to consult young students considered "at risk".  The following are just a few of the success stories.  

Jaquil--He came to us as a capable student but was struggling because of his situation at home.  His grade point average was 0.65, he was failing.  After going through material in our personal development workbook, and helping him develop certain work habits he grew more confidant.   In two years he became an honor role student and as a junior he finished with a 3.65 grade point average.  Additionally, he wants to study psychology, move to Miami, New York, or Los Angeles to start a practice once he graduates from college.

Angel--She came to us as a 16 year old sophomore who had spent time in several foster homes after her mother was sentenced to prison.  When her uncle got custody of her, he brought her to us because she was reserved and unmotivated about school and life.  Currently she is a freshman in college on an academic scholarship.  She is studying Biology and has plans to attend Medical school because she wants to become a primary care doctor.  She has become a quietly confident young lady with a challenging goal of helping families live healthy lives. 

Jerome--He came to us as a confident young man who had problems with inappropriate socializing in school.  He was an average student with the confidence that he would be a success; the only thing is that he did not know what he wanted to do.  He loved the attention he got as an athlete, he loved debating with teachers, his mother and any person in authority.  After going through our survey, he has decided that he wants to become a trial attorney to challenge companies who don't do the right thing to people or communities. With his new found direction and his confidence still in tact,in his senior year his grades improved from a C average to an A average.  He has direction and is on his way to accomplishing his goals.

Beth--She was introduced to us by her mother .  She grew up in a nice suburban area in a nice home but she was rebellious.  She was actually failing all of her classes in school.  After talking to her we realized that she was extremely intelligent but disappointed about two things.  

1. The divorce of her parents.

2. The relevance of school.  She did not understand why we needed to take certain classes and why certain courses were required in school.  

In time she developed a passion to "right the wrongs" in our educational system.  She has discovered a connection and purpose for school.  Currently she is attending a junior college and plans on getting a PhD in education so she can have the expertise and credentials to change the way we teach other young kids.  

One Note about our service...All of these students were capable and were not diagnosed with any serious academic inefficiencies.  We provide information that will help find purpose and direction, to show young people how to create the life they want.  We are not a substitute for necessary tutoring when needed.  The service is for every student in good schools or challenging schools who is in need of direction on how to create the life they will enjoy.