The casual approach to success is not working!

  • People are graduating from college with a record amount of debt, and still don't know what they want to do in life.
  • Over 80% of professionals are not satisfied with either their work or their pay.
  • Only 6% of Americans earn a six figure salary.
  • People end up looking for work without having any kind of reason or strategic plan.  

The service will guide teenagers through assignments to achieve the following objectives: 

1.  Identify a rewarding high paying career path by using the exclusive success survey.  (six figure income)

2.  Identify options available to start the journey.  (educational and or apprentice direction)

3. Identify the social skills and work habits needed to accomplish goals.

4. Identify a strong personal board of advisers. (select good friends and advisers) 

Sign Up For The Career Architect Service: $30 monthly fee for 1 year:

Families get to choose the best combination of monthly communication; phone, text, or email.  During that time we work on the 4 listed objectives.

Parents can save $40 by choosing to make a 1 time installment $320

Do it yourself options

Parents can choose to take a more hands on approach and make a significant savings by using the "Do it Yourself" version of the service.  In the "do it yourself" version, you can choose to use one or both of the material. Each content material has a one time fee of  $30 apiece.

1. A modified version of the success survey, along with a categorized list of professions that have a six figure income average.

2.  A workbook called the "The School Outside Of School" That will help teenagers develop the social skills and work habits needed to succeed.  

Do it yourself options

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 About the survey

1.  The "Success Survey" is 152 different questions.  It is suggested that you print out the survey to complete.  Take your time to answer the questions.  

2. Parents will have a few questions to answer at the end of the survey. 

3. Email the completed survey and allow 3 business days before you get your career recommendations. 

4. From the survey we look to identify life's purpose, stated interest, academic aptitude, academic interest, motivating interest, and social preferences.  From that- a connection is made to professions with high income potential.  Instead of asking teens to choose from an infinite amount of career options, teens options will be focused on career paths connected to the results of the success survey.  


After results from the survey is submitted, you will then conduct monthly conversation and assignments connected to the 4 task listed above.   

5. You can email any questions before or after purchasing this choice consulting service.