Teenager's  are not picking the right career  path and the consequences are deep!

  • People are graduating from college with a record amount of debt, and still don't know what they want to do in life.
  • People end up looking for work without having any kind of reason or strategic plan.
  • People end up in the wrong profession never realizing their potential.
  • Over 80% of professionals are not satisfied with either their work or their pay.
  • Only 6% of Americans earn a six figure salary. 

We help teenagers make productive, rewarding career choices! 

Too many people make simplistic connections like " If you are good in math you should go into accounting" as career advice. Or, they say "do what you love."  Instead, when young people use this service, the career options presented will be based on:

  • Their motivating interest 
  • Inner passions
  • Academic interest
  • Assertiveness vs Patience
  • Social preferences
  • The right type of work environment
  • Aptitude for learning new skills
  • Income needed for their desired lifestyle

After answering extensive questions, we will analyze the results and present a custom tailored list of professions that will match their area of greatness.  The goal is to identify high paying six figure careers with work our young clients will find rewarding.  

Professional analysis requires 4 hours to interpret results and prepare a personalized report

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You can also select a do it yourself option

Parents can choose to take a more hands on approach and make a significant savings by using the "Do It Yourself" version of the survey.  

  •  This is a modified version of the success survey.  Questions connected to an algorithm is not included.  
  • A smaller list of over 80 different high paying professions or industries will be provided so that you can make your own analysis.  

Click below for the do it yourself option and you also get a free workbook to guide growth in social development skills.

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