Self Discovery Training and Coaching

Offers two different training that can help young people become the most effective person their potential allows. One can choose either session at any time.  

2.  Identify options available to start the journey.  (educational and or apprentice direction)

3. Identify the social skills and work habits needed to accomplish goals.

4. Identify a strong personal board of advisers. (select good friends and advisers) 


1.     Social development:  Is a training course that shows young people how to get the most out of who you are and then show strategies how to get others to help you achieve your goals.  

  • How to master positioning
  • How to get people to like you for you
  • Learn how the real world works
  • Learn to love yourself and the things that make you--you
  • Learn a way to practice thinking fast on your feet

2.  Discipline will include strategies to become more productive with your time.  This training will also explain what true mental toughness looks like.  

A.   We will introduce 4 different time management strategies for you to look at. Every person has the same amount of time to get stuff done.  Others are able to do more than most, and you should know what works for you.