Personality quiz and aptitude test, there is a better way to help?

Aptitude and personality tests are usually connected to finding out what type of career you should choose. That was the old way of thinking about career guidance. They were originally created when America was changing from an agricultural society to an industrial society. Available careers and degrees have changed dramatically in the last several decades, so the rules have changed.

Can a career choice in today's society really be picked based on a test? Or should a career choice be based on a path of self discovery?

  1. This new way of career identification is closely connected to our new world, a world of complex, chaotic choices.
  2. This process allows for intervening variables. Meaning, you could change your mind as you learn and grow. It is okay to assume that change occurs because of events like an inspirational professor, an internship or any other experience that helps you grow.
  3. Your career path should be viewed as the best starting point and not where you are committed for life.
  4. Because life is more complicated with so many choices, we make a concerted effort to help bring clarity in a world of infinite choice. Our goal is to help students identify a profession that is both financially and emotionally rewarding in a simple and easy way.