About the Founder

As the founder of Self Discovery Inc. Kenny Lee has always cheered for young people to strive to become happy and successful in life.  It is the one reason why he became attracted to working for the YMCA.  It is also why he loved basketball and helping children develop as basketball players.  Their growth in confidence and skills are uplifting.  

He has committed his life to encouraging and teaching young people how to grow and believe in self, in spite of what others say.  After 20 years of research, at this point he is introducing two products.

1.  A service that can make it easier for young people to pick a career path that is both reasonable and lucrative.

2.  A book on how to succeed in life working on things required outside of school.  Things like faith, focus, friends, social skills, and a host of other subjects listed on the book below. 

3. His next project is a book on how to grow in sustained confidence.

Click below to see the new book "Raise your child to create destiny" Information and action steps to help our children grow and succeed.  The book will help parents help children's personal development.