Think of the value of helping your child find their area of excellence?

  • Early discovery of the right career path could more than double your lifetime income.
  • Using the service through the internet will save  over 360 dollars in consultant fees.  

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1. Click below to purchase the consultant service and the survey will be emailed to you. 

2. The survey will take at least 90 minutes to complete, If the student is not going to complete the survey in one sitting, print out a copy and write the answers, then fill in the answers on line when ready to send the completed survey.  (It is important to take your time to answer the questions completely.)

3. Be sure to include an email or phone number in case more information or clarification is needed on some of the questions.  

4. Currently I am limited to reviewing 16 surveys per week.  If you fall into a waiting list your survey analysis will begin the following week. 

Money back guaranteed if the survey does not produce two or more career options that fit our criteria of a profession that pays 100,000 dollars or more, 10 years into the profession.

150 dollars is the fee for the analysis and preparation of your report.  

Self Discovery Survey

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