Become more productive and achieve your goals!

The life coaching classes for teens are connected to equipping students with the necessary tools to make sure they can accomplish their goals.  These subjects are not typically covered in academic curriculum but are just as important.   

There are 10 Self Discovery coaching classes broken down into categories: The classes share valuable information about the real world.  (For example: Most people are taught that if you work really hard the best person gets the job.  In the real world, a person may work really hard and still not get the job. The person who knows how to position themselves for the opportunity will most likely get the job. We show young people how to position themselves for opportunities.)

At a cost of $10 dollars per class or $5 dollars per class if you sign up for the survey also. Young people will learn valuable information on how to live up to their potential.  

Social Strengthis about helping teens develop a deep connection to their authentic self.  Then we give explanations on how to manifest who they really are to others.

  1. class to explain and assign task
  2. class to review and report assignments
  3. class to review cognitive connections to social understanding 
  4. class to teach them how to practice thinking quickly on your feet 

Focus—is about helping teens understand perspective, and resolve. The section also shares real world rules on how the world really works. 

  1. class to explain and assign task
  2. class to review and report

Time—is about helping teens figure out how to be masters of their own time so they can be more effective and productive.

  1. class to teach and assign task
  2. class to review and report
  3. class to review and report

Jewels of life

  1. class of shared principles about life that will help guide thoughts and actions for the rest of their lives